Book Review: Don’t You Dare by Sharky and George

29th June 2013 No Comments

This book is so good that I went out and purchased another copy for a friend of ours son. It has provided endless amusement and ideas for my little 6 year old boy and his father. I’ve caught them up to all sorts of no good and you don’t even want to know what they have been using old jam jars for. Lets just say, its something boys with LOVE and you’ll need to get hold of your own copy of the book to find out.

The thing I liked about this book is that its full of quite simple ideas for games and activities, many of which were ones I used to play when I was little but had since forgotten. They are all presented in a cool, kid friendly manner and provide an ideal resource book for the summer holidays. Think, seaweed tails, wave hurdles and rock pool top trumps and you’ll get a great flavour of the book.

This has become one of our essential bookshelf resources and its really engaged my kids. I shall be getting a copy for a couple of boys whose birthdays are coming up and I think it will be as much a hit with their parents as the boys. We certainly liked it and I suspect I will be blogging a few of the ideas over the forthcoming months. Check out the Sharky and George website and their book here:

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