Book Review: Fairy Animals of Misty Wood by Lily Small

This is a new series of books aimed at 5+ year old girls and I think it will be an instant hit with fans of the Rainbow Magic and Secret Kingdom. Its basically about baby animals with fairy wings who live in an enchanted forest. Each book has a number of extra activities which you can do with the children, I think this is an excellent idea as it provides added value and I really enjoy getting the children to do something related to what they have just read or learnt.

Out of the whole series Fifi’s favourite read has been Paddy the puppy which tells the story of his birthday. I’ve no idea why she likes this one, as to be honest when I read them through with her I liked Mia the Mouse which is the story of a mouse helping her mum. And therein lies mother/ daughter differences…

Anyway, If you have a little girl who is on the cusp of reading or a beginner reader then I think these are ideal books to have a look at together. I do think the stories may be a little bit simple for more established readers, but then if they want a quick read and the satisfaction or encouragement of finishing a book quite quickly then these books will work equally well. For sure, they are set to become this summers big literary hit for little girls!

You can find out more on the Egmont website

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