Book Review: Hello Kitty and Friends: The Friendship Club

Fifi like many of her peer group is Hello Kitty mad, I don’t see this fab subsiding for a while yet. At least I hope not or I will be investing in an entirely new wardrobe. When she saw this new little book she rushed towards it and immediately began flicking through. It has two things going for it; Its Hello Kitty and its a big girls book. So by the very act of trying her hardest to read it she will be a big girl. Something we all aspire to, if not in girth, but in mind.

This is the tale of when Hello Kitty starts a new school and decides to start her own friendship club. It’s an accessible story with lots of good moral messages for little girls and a good sprinkling of illustrations.

As I read it to Fifi over the course of a few different days I thought it was great that she was engaged with something which wasn’t her usual picture book level. However it is aimed at the 5 + age group who I think would be able to start reading a fair amount of it independently as the language is fairly simple.

A nice little story and a great way to engage more reluctant readers this book also has a section at the back with ideas for activities. It’s part of a series of books which I think are well worth considering for your Hello Kitty fan.

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Disclaimer: we were sent a copy of this book to look at for the purposes of review

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