Book Review: The Quirks by Erin Soderberg

29th June 2013 No Comments

I think I’ve developed a slight obsession with children’s novels as I read this book over one evening so I could review it. Aimed at 7- 9 year olds it’s a little bit advanced for my children, however the story is something that I think they would absolutely love and it’s crying out to be made into a kids film.

The book tells the story of Molly and her family members of which have some very interesting super-powers.

My main criticism of the book is that it felt a little bit American for me, but then again its an American book so I cant really criticise it for that. I liked the story and the illustrations and I think I will be encouraging my eldest to have a go at reading it next school year.

If you have a little bookworm on your hands they might well enjoy this one as their summer read and then, when its made into a film they can say they read it first!

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Disclaimer: I was sent a copy for review purposes

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