Cookery Book Review: Noodlemania 50 Playful Pasta Recipes by Melissa Barlow

29th June 2013 No Comments

Just recently I’ve been looking at a lot of children’s cookery books. Many of them are quite samey and I haven’t chosen to review them. However, I did enjoy Noodlemania, not only because it gave me some great ideas for renaming dishes which we already cook, but because my kids have been using it as a bit of a menu for meal times.

There are various ideas which are just brilliant, for example using blue food colouring to make pasta look like the sea. I also like the fact that the recipes are really simple and don’t require many ingredients (one of my cook book bugbears are those recipes which require 27 ingredients).

A bright, colourful quirky cookbook, if you like pasta and you’ve run out of ideas of what to give the kids then this book is for you. Curly Worms for tea for us tonight!

You can have a look inside and if you fancy it you can get hold of a copy here

Disclaimer: We received a copy for review purposes

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