Experimenting with drinks from my Tassimo

5th June 2013 No Comments

I’m lucky enough to have been asked to join the Tassimo blogger outreach programme. That means I get to try all the new flavours and frankly indulge myself. As I tend to enjoy a coffee either at breakfast or just after my return from the school run, the whole programme is a brilliant opportunity to take a little bit more thought over what I’m having, if nothing else I’ll be able to let you know my top choices!

For this months challenge I’ve been asked to experiment with different flavours and see if I can create my own unique Tassimo cup. Its been a brilliant challenge and I’ve really enjoyed this one, partially because its enabled me to feel a bit like a proper barista. I’ve also let the children join in because (and this genuinely came as a revelation to me) you can make hot chocolate!

Rather unfortunately enthusiasm has got the better of me on several occasions and I’ve forgotten to take pictures before I drank them. However, this month I can recommend:

Daytime experiments (the successes):

Americano with marshmallows, smarties and full fat milk: A fine kick of caffeine with lots of sugary sweet naughtiness!

Hot chocolate with marshmallows: This is a campfire classic and one you cant go wrong with, its a real comfort drink.

Costa Americano Cake: using the 4, 4, 2, 4 recipe for cake mix I added two tablespoons of Americano to the mix and hey presto the perfect accompaniment to morning coffee.

My Americano cakes with added chocolate chips!

Evening Experiments:
Hot chocolate with whisky: YUM I dont think I need to say more

Americano with cherry brandy liquer: I love cherry brandy and coffee, the combination makes a perfect warming treat on a friday night after a long week of parenting.

Waiting for the Cherry Brandy

I’ve had great fun trying out different things this week and Its encouraged me to be a bit more adventurous when I come back from the school run.

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