Review: Ellas Kitchen The Cook Book- the Red One

Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best kids cookbook we have ever been sent. From the minute it arrived I knew that we would use it and use it loads. Why? Because it has kids friendly dishes which are simple to make and which don’t require loads of unusual ingredients.  In fact from a read through there is nothing in this book which we don’t have in our store cupboards.

One of the things which delights me is the realism on the recipes, for their baked Alaska they suggest using a shop bought Madeira cake cut in half. Thumbs up, high five and so on that is precisely what a busy mum just wants to hear!

So, on the day of the morning that the book arrived we decided to cook kedgeree using the recipe in the book, we fortunately had all the ingredients it looked like a lovely change and the kids fancied it. This is the result:

Ned loved this dish!

I’m very pleased. I suppose I should also tell you that the Ellas Kitchen The Cook Book- the Red One is beautifully presented; its bright, colourful with lovely graphics and photos. However, I think that’s secondary to the quality of the recipes and the amount of use we will genuinely get from this book. What a delight! So many lovely things to cook, its hard to decide between them for tonight’s meal.

Buy it here: Ella’s Kitchen: The Cookbook (The Red One)

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of the book for review purposes, I think its fab (I’m quite surprised to be honest). Its got a permanent place on my cookery book shelf.

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