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5th June 2013 No Comments

Fifi loves her scooter, she’s absolutely brilliant on her Mini Micro and can do endless tricks at speed. If there were Early Years scooting Olympics she would win, she won the scooter race at playgroup by a mile. She’s that good. That’s why when we were offered a Micro Sprite Micro Scooter via Idealo which is intended for slightly bigger kids and only has two wheels, we jumped at the chance, she needs a challenge. Otherwise I have to run at 20 miles an hour to keep up with her! I should quickly say how brilliant I think Idealo is, its a price comparison site I use all the time to make sure we are getting the best deals and it really is a fab, fab way of saving a few quid. One year we used it to get all the kids Christmas pressies and it saved us tons!

Anyway, the Micro Sprite Micro Scooter is a really solid and very reasonably priced Micro Scooter. Its got two wheels and front handle bars which can spin around 360 degrees which makes it ideal for little ones who are progressing from their three wheelers and with the aid of a good helmet and some knee and elbow pads might be tempted to tackle the skate park when all the bigger kids are at school. Fifi loves the fact she’s got what she considers a big kids scooter and I like the fact that its really solidly built and will last her for a long time.

In terms of ease of use Fifi aged 4 took a couple of half hour turns before she fully mastered it, now she’s mastered it and will happily use it to scoot, drift for miles and miles. One of the fab things about it is that its light enough to balance on the pushchair (folded up – which is genius) if she gets fed up and wants to walk or when I bring it back from school (I don’t leave their stuff in the bike sheds). You can get the Micro Sprite Micro Scooter in a massive range of colours and you’ll find all the specifications here on their website.

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