Review: New Doctor Who Figures and Playsets from Character Options

Once upon a time there was a little boy who absolutely loved Doctor Who. Each week he would sit down with his daddy and watch Tom Baker fight some villain and each week his love of the programme grew. Fast forward twenty odd years and that little boy because a daddy himself and each week he would sit down and watch the new series of Doctor Who with his little boy. This little boy, only four years old would soon become as obsessed as his daddy and by the time he reached his sixth birthday (this year) he could probably go on Mastermind, such was his knowledge of the television series.

For those of you who dont live in a Doctor Who obsessed householdDoctor Who is turning 50 years old this year and the BBC have just finished screening the latest series featuring the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith and his new companion Clara.
To coincide with the celebrations Character Options  (official maker of the Doctor Who figures & playsets) launched a brand new series of figures in a new size. At  3 ¾ inches high they have full articulation leaving out none of the detail of the classic 5 inch figures. However, the great thing about these ones is that they are more affordable at £6.99 each meaning avid fans can collect them all a bit easier. As you can imagine, the two Doctor Who fans in my house were overjoyed at the prospect of reviewing them!
I’m not going to beat around the bush about this one, it was unfortunately a real disappointment and even the six year old said it wasn’t very good. This is based on the fact that its made of cardboard (which is clearly reflected in the cheap price) but also because its fiddly to construct and you only get the Ice Warrior figure without his armour on, not both like depicted on the packaging. We live in fear that little 1 year old Ned will destroy this toy when we are not looking, its that flimsy. Such a shame for children, but for older Doctor Who fans it will probably become a must have.

6 year old boys review!

Doctor Who 3.75 inch Actions Figures: Clara Oswold and Ice Warrior
The boy loved these, they are a great size, perfect for putting in his pocket. As action figures they are fairly indestructable and very detailed. We liked these a lot.

This little sonic screwdriver has sound effects and visually looks great. The boy loves running about the house pretending to be the Doctor and this has been used many many times. It also takes pride of place in his little Doctor Who shrine at the moment!


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