Royal Baby Books for Kids

Just recently I’ve had rather a lot of kids books to review. I don’t mind this one bit, in fact its fantastic and has really broadened the topics which my children read about. I wouldn’t have thought that they would have enjoyed two books about the forthcoming royal baby but they really did, as did us parents and so I thought that I would flag them up to you as well worth a read.

Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby by Martha Mumford  and illustrated by Ada Grey

This book has some fab illustrations of different members of the royal family and imagines lots of different scenarios each member might undertake to help the baby back to sleep after been woken up. I was amused by the corgi’s waking it up and the new auntie and uncles party. The kids thought it was hilarious and it really proved to be a fun book.

A Royal Fairytale: Kate & William by Joanna Rivard and Adam Larkum

This tells the story of Kate and Williams romance right up to them having a baby, so its a brilliant way of giving the children a little bit of a background to the big event. The illustrations are lovely and the book is written in a very simple and direct way.

I reckon that these two books are really nice to read together as part of a whole story. They will set the scene and also help the children to understand something that is happening in the news in a fun and enjoyable. My children have been enjoying them  and I think yours will too.

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