Sunset Party in the Park at Marwell Wildlife Park

 If there is one thing in life I have truly enjoyed since I was a child it’s going to the zoo. There really is something special about seeing animals in real life, especially ones from distant places. Funnily enough out of all the blogging things I get invited to I never normally get invited to the Zoo or to a museum both places which I would jump at the change of going to. Marwell Zoo is in Hampshire, we live in Hertfordshire we haven’t been there before but we got asked to come along to their Sunset in the Zoo event and it seemed like the ideal chance to go and see a new zoo and meet some new animals.

Sunset party in the park was the reason for our invitation and it is a fab chance to go along at dusk and watch the sunset over fields of zebra, giraffe or whatever takes your fancy. There really is something special about being at the zoo at this time of night it all feels very magical.

The children were in their element with bouncy castles to play on alongside some animals which were new to them as they only ever visit London or Whipsnade. In particular, the boy enjoyed seeing some of the special acts such as the fire performers, the bouncing kangaroo stilt walkers and the larger than life pigeons which we wandering about. Its now his dream to become a fire performer, we all have our dreams. I’d quite like to be a zookeeper, I’d be happy to take part in evening events *hint*.

The evening at the zoo was one of those memorable experiences which will stay with us for a long time. Perfect weather, happy children and lots of new things to see and explore.

We were also fortunate enough to have the chance to stay at the Marwell Hotel because it is quite a long way from where we live. The hotel was great, I can highly recommend it. I loved the African 1970 ish vibe about the place and the fact that you opened your window onto lots of greenery was simply beautiful. You’ll also be hard pressed to find a hotel with a more awesome breakfast buffet!

Staying in the hotel meant that we had the chance to explore the zoo again in the daytime. The weather was sunny and warm and we were all in a holiday mood as we wandered around discovering new places and animals we hadn’t spotted the previous night. The children enjoyed the play area, Penguin Cove provided loads of fun and the chance to see some penguins exceptionally close up which was awesome. Fifi decided her new favourite animals were the bongo and we were thrilled to get the chance to see such a wide range of lemur.

As a family we never tire of a visit to the zoo, but I have to say that Marwell does have something special about it. In comparison with the ZSL zoos there is a lot more information about the actual biology of the animals which is fantastic and sparked a real interest for the children. There is of course, nothing better than the chance to see some skulls for a zooarchaeologist.  I was thrilled to see lots of them in different displays and have the chance to talk to the children about the different features of the animals.
All in all a good fun, worthwhile trip which also enabled us to do some storytelling in the car about what we were going to see and what we did see. We really enjoyed our short trip, so much so, that we have vowed to make sure we return for another mini-break as I’m convinced there is even more that we didn’t manage to see.
If you fancy going to a party in the zoo at Sunset there is another event on 21st June. You can book tickets and find out all about Marwell here

Disclaimer: We were provided with free entry to the zoo and an overnight stay at the Marwell Hotel.


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  1. BNM 10th June 2013 / 4:31 pm

    I&#39;m glad it was great, we&#39;re going down to my brother in laws on the 21st and he&#39;s got us tickets to go and im very excited.<br /><br />BNM

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