100 Things to Do Before You’re Ten with Clarks

Clarks has come up with a brilliant campaign for at just the right time with the school summer holidays coming up. 100 Things to Do Before You’re Ten is quite simply a list of 100 things which children really like to do with their family. The list serves as a source of inspiration for entertaining your children and also a reminder to parents that actually, the simple activities in life are often the most enjoyable and memorable.

We were sent a little box of example activities to try with the children and its been great fun working through them all and telling my kids about how I did them when I was little!

First up was number 5: The Great Summer Bake off.
The idea being that you bake some cupcakes and then have a little in house competition amongst friends to decide on tastiest and best looking. Here are our efforts, we decided to make a 1940’s style chocolate cake with no butter! Delicious it was and very popular…

23: Make Your Own Lollipops
When I mentioned this idea there was a stampede to the kitchen and a near punch-up between the children because if there are 2 things they both like its cooking and lollipops. I haven’t actually let them help me make lolly’s before because I was a bit concerned about the potential for incredible amounts of mess. However, they proved me wrong and I also managed to get them to put some fruit into the mix so it was win, win. What do you think?

32: Enjoy Water Wars
This summer has been a bit of a washout, but I think in many ways that’s been quite a good thing as its hardened the kids a bit to the British outdoors. Therefore when the opportunity to throw water bombs at each other arose they couldn’t contain themselves.

There are loads of other really fantastic ideas, it’s a real source of inspiration. Why not get the kids to make a holiday scrapbook or write to a penpal? These are things I loved doing when I was little and I’d forgotten about it until now.

Well done Clarks, you have made our summer much more fun. If you want to find out more check them out here: http://www.clarks.co.uk/kids/100-things

Disclaimer: We were sent some vouchers for Clarks Shoes and an activity pack to help us do some of the activities, I really enjoyed doing them with my children and genuinely think its a great idea.


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