Book Review: Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace by A.A. Milne with decorations by E.H.Shepard

25th July 2013 No Comments

It’s not often as an adult that you fall in love with a children’s book so much that you take it up to bed to read and dip into it night after night. However, this book is such a delight that I cant help myself from picking it up and reading away. As a child I was never than enamoured with Winnie the Poo but as I have got older I have begun to appreciate the subtle meanings and sheer delight in childhood within it and I enjoy reading bits of the story to the kids. I think this may be why this little book of poetry appeals so much.

Essentially this book is the best poems from two volumes of poetry on which Milne and Shepard collaborated, these are the poems which really sum up Britain as it was in the 1920’s. There is a delightful sense of childhood fun and innocence which I think is very refreshing following the poetry of the First World War. Shepards  illustrations are beautiful and endearing, each one would make a lovely picture on the wall.

This is a wonderful book and would make a perfect gift for any child, or any adult who likes to indulge in a spot of poetry. I genuinely love it and the children have been listening with ease and enthusiasm which says a lot. I hope to use some of the poems in the summer holidays to inspire some plays and creativity, I will let you know how we get on!

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of this book for review purposes

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