Discovering Ryvita

I must admit Ryvita hasn’t really appealed to me in the past at all. However, last week I was offered some and I thought I would give it a go because frankly I could do with a little bit more variety in our diets and I’m running out of easy ideas. What has surprised me most is that there are actually 11 different varieties of Ryvita, who knew!

I was sent a selection of Ryvita and some goodies to eat with it so I could try out some new recipes. I must say that I was really surprised about what you could eat with Ryvita and it made me look on it in a whole new light.

My favourite idea was to use the Ryvita Fruit Crunch with chocolate spread and strawberries as a morning snack with my cup of tea. I must say it went down so well that I’m now using that idea for pudding!

Multiseed Ryvita was really nice for lunch with some dips, they suggested humus but I must admit I bought one of those variety trays of dips and let everyone take their pick. It was absolutely fantastic for a picnic at the splash park and was totally delicious sitting outside eating in the sunshine!

For after school on Friday the kids tried Original Ryvita with some strawberry jam which I thought was also quite an inspired idea and one which they enjoyed. I like to give them a treat on a friday and this seemed ideal.

Overall I’m quite surprised at how versatile Ryvita is, I am now looking upon it in an entirely different light and its also added a bit of variety in our diet which is great especially as its such a quick and easy option. If you want to have a little look at the recipes you can find them here:

Disclaimer: I was sent some Ryvita to trail alongside a few toppings and treats.


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