Folk by the Oak

We are quite seasoned festival goers and never turn down the chance to go to a festival. Hence when we were asked to go along to Folk by the Oak in Hatfield House (actually in the very area that Elizabeth I found out she was queen no less) we jumped at the chance. As a family we are very keen on folk music and listen to a fair amount. In our local area we also have a special folk festival where the street gets closed off and taken over for the evening by Morris Dancers and Ukulele bands and the such. Its a brilliant evening and has really influenced little Ned because, for him its all about the Folk, stick on a bit of Kate Rusby or Lau and he’s happy dancing away.

I think this Sunday we were incredibly lucky because we were blessed with the most beautiful summer day.  That meant the festival was full of good natured people enjoying the sunshine and the delights of the Tring Brewery to a backdrop of wonderful music. I don’t think you could better it, the atmosphere was calm, the toilets clean and civilised and you could bring your own picnic. Whats more, parking was close by and there were not too many people, just the right amount. All in all pretty perfect and I’d suggest an excellent festival in which to introduce your children to the delights of festival going.

So which bands do I think you should listen to on Spotify?
Lau, Kate Rusby,Carthy, Hardy, Garrel and Young and the brilliant Jim Moray are all worth a listen if you haven’t heard of them. They are all perfect summer, child friendly listening!

We genuinely really enjoyed Folk by the Oak and I’m already looking forward to next year, if this year was anything to go by it should be superb. If you want to hear my hubby’s view on it all and what happened to him check out his blog. 


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