Rango: Film review

15th July 2013 No Comments

Hello, its hubby Alex here, writing a film review for the rather great Rango!

There are animated films and there are animated films. Rango definitely falls into the former category. Not all animated films are cartoons and not all animated films are suitable for tots. Rango is a great film, it has a really sly and dark sense of humour underlying it all. Jonny Depp plays the titular character Rango very well, more deadpan than usual but with his typical comic timing.

Rango at heart is a Western, following the progess of a chameleon called Rango as he takes up an epic quest from a somewhat flattened armadillo. Through a series of mishaps Rango ends up as sheriff of a drought ridden town, with all the residents thinking he’s a dead eye dick. Of course as with all tales of dishonesty, Rango is eventually found out but in the end he redeems himself spectacularly. Of course there is plenty of slapstick along the way, including some entertaining chicken riding but at heart Rango isn’t really a kids film, it just happens to be animated.

That’s not to say kids won’t enjoy it, our 4 year old laughed out loud on several occasions and it kept his attention for it’s full length (it’s not a short film either). It is a PG and I would advise watching it first to see if you think it’s suitable for younger children but I’d probably advise you watch it for yourself anyway 🙂

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