Review: Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures

Fifi aged two and a half (as she is keen to tell me at any opportunity) going on forty loves Dora. She wants to be just like Dora and have magic adventures. She doesn’t like Swiper the Fox though; he is yuck. Luckily she’s a small part of the way there as it turns out that Dora’s mummy is also an archaeologist. Small world eh?

Dora the Explorer’s Enchanted Forest Adventures DVD has proved a massive hit with Fifi, especially as there is a unicorn featured which, as Fifi is obsessed with horses is the next best thing.Having watched the DVD the stories seem engaging and entertaining if a little bit unsurprising. However, I don’t mind Fifi watching Dora as it’s one of the few kids shows which is interactive and she does join in shouting out the appropriate words and answering the questions.  This is a great addition to our DVD collection, thank you Nick Jr.

If you cant find the DVD in the shops, Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures will also be shown on Nick Jr.There is also a range of Fisher Price toys which would be great for Christmas if your child is a big fan.


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