A School Run Outfit from Clothing at Tesco

With the return to school on the horizon, I’ve been stocking up on school uniform at Tesco and I will write a blog about what we got shortly. However, better than that, I was challenged by Tesco to find an outfit suitable for the school run for £50 and I grasped this opportunity with open arms. I hardly ever get offered anything for myself. So what did I choose?

I’m rather pleased with this horse print dress, a bargain at just £16!

I matched this dress with some cropped leggings which I bought a few pairs of because they were only £6

Then, I have to admit, I had such a lot of money left over that I used the opportunity to buy myself a Speedo swimsuit. I do have a good reason, I thought that when the kids go back to school I am going to head off to the pool with little Ned on a regular basis and try to improve his swimming whilst getting myself a bit fitter.

I’m very impressed by what was on offer on the website though and surprised by the prices. Come back next week and I’ll post a picture of myself along with my thoughts about the school uniform we received.


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