Anxiety on the North Norfolk Coast

As we were driving up to North Norfolk last week we had a chance conversation in the car:

‘Remember that couple in Majorca twelve years ago?’

‘Oh yes; we take the train to Cala Millor everyday. Love it, been coming here for fourteen years’


For twelve years we have been laughing at the couple of shared a table with us on holiday. Then it dawned on me that we have become that couple. Each year we visit the same holiday cottage. Each year we remark how the holiday really is a holiday because we know exactly what we are getting, where to go for stuff, the location of every toilet and what to do in the event of rain. No stress, no hassle just a chance to relax in a home from home situation.

When we arrived at the cottage we met the owner Jane, she occasionally waits for us to arrive to say hello and catch up. She looked nervous and I wondered what she was going to say. Was the cooker broken? Perhaps the toilet wasn’t as spotlessly clean as she was trying to get it.

‘We have decided that after ten years we are going to sell the cottage.’


Sell, our holiday cottage. No! It takes a long time to find somewhere which is perfect within price range. Smiles, thanks for a lovely set of memories. Inner turmoil.

First night in the cottage I woke up worrying: Where would we stay next year? What should we do? I will never find anywhere as good. The rest of the holiday was plagued with similar thoughts which on the last day turned to ones along the lines of: this is the last time I will go to the toilet here, this is the last time I’ll sleep in this bed. My glass is always half full.

I have officially lost it. We would have spent the next 30 years going back to the same cottage at least once. I am the master of ‘easy life’. The past few days have been spent exploring other cottage options including the beautiful Jolly Sailor cottage owned by one of my Twitter friends. Its a case of trying to be brave, the world is our oyster, we could literally go anywhere. Tell me, do you have somewhere you’d go back to year upon year? If so would you be happy to divulge the name and location?

These days with children I tend to think that to get a proper holiday you need to be secure in what you are doing, know all the variables, leave nothing to chance. This is a complete turnaround to when I was younger and happy to go off anywhere and stay anywhere. Just goes to show.


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