Clothing at Tesco: School Uniforms

Clothing at Tesco really kindly asked me to have a look at some of their school uniforms and report back. I was given fifty pounds and asked to pick anything we wanted. This was a godsend because with two children at school the school uniform bill is pretty huge! In part due to the boy who manages to get holes in every single pair of trousers he owns within about a week and Fifi who has a special knack in getting permanent marker on t-shirts.

I decided that I would try to buy stuff which the kids would actually want to wear. For Fifi I chose this adorable pinafore dress which is made from the softest jersey I’ve seen in a long time. I quite like putting her in jersey stuff for school because it strikes me as very comfortable and it always looks smart without any ironing (a bonus). I really like this dress, I bought it in a size bigger than her age and it fits well. At £7, I though it was very reasonable

As Fifi is a bit of a tomboy I opted for a couple of pairs of trousers for her at just £3 they seemed quite a bargain and they are an adorable style, much nicer than the standard flat front boys ones she usually ends up wearing.

For boy I opted to stock up on some polo shirts, one of the good things about the Tesco ones is that they seem to hold their shape after washing (something which certain other supermarket brands don’t seem to in my experience). I thought that the idea of buying a polo shirt and Tesco donating a complete school uniform to a child in Kenya Sri Lanka or Bangladesh was a good one, so I went for these ones.

I used the rest of the cash to get some new PE kits for the kids including some new plimsolls as they seem to fit quite well from Tesco and for Fifi there was a lovely pair with embroidered butterflies. I even had money left over for some new swimsuits.

Overall, I think the clothing represented excellent value for money, I didn’t have to fight my way around the shops and everything I needed was in one place. Delivery was a little bit of a disappointment as the bag was opened and left outside, but I can hardly blame Tesco for that. Thank you Clothing at Tesco, I’m really pleased with out school uniform and  you have actually made my life a little bit easier.


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