Our Kitchen Refit; featured post

We spent last year saving and saving because we knew our kitchen was about to give up the ghost and collapse around us. The sink worktop had rotted, the drawer fronts had all dropped off and the worktops weren’t matching. In places the ceiling had holes, and I hadn’t had a working main oven for over 5 years.

I started lusting over kitchens, I couldn’t help but look in John Lewis at their lovely fitted kitchens, whenever I shopped there. When I went to the DIY shop I had to stop by the kitchen areas and have a little look. My mum didn’t help by providing lots of House Beautiful magazines for me to lust over.

New cooking area

The obsession got a bit overwhelming and then I couldn’t decide, did I really want a white high gloss kitchen or a shaker style kitchen? What did I want from a kitchen? Workspace for me, flashy appliances? Did I want to be able to access the back garden directly? Where was the best space for the cooker? What colour and type of tiles?

Then I happened to see that Ikea did 0% finance and I realised that at a stretch we could probably take advantage of that and fiddle our finances a little bit to get the bulk of the kitchen from there much sooner than if we had to keep saving. It meant we could have it fitted in the spring rather than the following new year. Good eh!

So then I was left with decisions, in the end the husband decided to make the final decision so I could blame him if I didn’t like it. He’s nice like that, always willing to be the martyr. We went for a white high gloss kitchen with appliances sourced from Appliances Online and good old John Lewis. We opted for a Bosch extractor hood an AEG oven and a Miele hob. We made the decision to keep our trusty Bosch dishwasher because it still worked and could be fitted into the kitchen and we also ran out of cash.

Dented dishwasher soon to be replaced!

However, during the building works the dishwasher got quite badly dented on the front and its actually really quite difficult to get the dent out. So, I’ve been saving up to get a new one and send our admittedly quite old dishwasher to meet its maker. To that end I’ve been looking at the fantastic range of Bosch Dishwashers at John Lewis. I have to say, in the past, the two year warranty that they offer has been really useful (especially when our Zanussi cooker packed up after about a month) so I feel confident about buying from them.

All of this aside, our kitchen refit has revolutionised our lives. We can now access the garden directly from the kitchen which means that you don’t have to trample mud (and bikes and lawnmower) through the lounge. I have a little workspace which the children can use to do their homework whilst I cook dinner and to be frank, the kitchen has become the heart of our home rather than a place to exit as quickly as possible. It’s been well worth all the heartache and scrimping, even if there are still a few things we need to sort out and acquire.

Have you changed a major room in your house? I’d love to see the results and hear how you got on.

Disclaimer: I received payment for this post, which I would have written anyway. The money will go into my new dishwasher fund!


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  1. Mike@flatpackdad 7th August 2013 / 8:19 pm

    Nice post. We were in the same position about a year ago and I decided to take on the work myself, with the help of our oldest. It took us months of hard work and frustration but we got there in the end and now have a nice kitchen. i am sure I wil ldo a better job next time, though

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