Our Volvo #V60getaway Weekend

This weekend I felt like I had won the lottery. A lovely red Volvo V60 D3 was delivered to our front door. We then used it to travel in luxury to North Norfolk for a fabulous much needed weekend away. This was all courtesy of Volvo who are promoting the V60  which is a new family car in the Volvo range.  Next month Volvo are going to be running numerous activities with the Telegraph surrounding the idea of families using the V60 as a weekend get-away car for UK breaks and excursions.We were lucky enough to be the first family to experience the V60 as a weekend get-away car!
I have totally fallen in love with the V60 and was genuinely sad to give it back. I really enjoyed driving it and I can say with certainty its the nicest car I have ever driven, certainly the first automatic car which took a little bit of getting used to. For example, there is this ecodrive function which turns the engine off when you stop the car which is also a little disconcerting but felt worthy. The model we had was very luxurious inside with a leather interior and those special seats you get in Volvos which are very comfortable. North Norfolk is a two and a half hour drive from our house and to be honest we had such a lovely trip it seemed much closer than usual.
One of the reasons that I thought this car was really ideal for us was the fact that we could sit all three children alongside each other in the back. It has become a bit of a motoring ambition of mine to achieve this from a practicality point of view but also it frankly prevents arguments over seating arrangements amongst the kids. Of course, the fact that they could all sit next to each other also meant that we had the whole boot free meaning we could fit our large pushchair alongside, the clothes, nappies, moses basket, wellies and all the other things which you take when you have kids. The fact that it all fitted in with the shelf cover over the top illustrates just how large this space is, this would have been impossible in our Zafira.
So, not only was the drive comfortable with enough space for all of us and our stuff it was also brilliant fun. Volvos are well known for their safety features but I was surprised how much acceleration the car had, which made it great fun to drive. I really cant fault it. I especially like it because it doesn’t look like a flashy car, it has a bit of class. Just great, if I had one I’d be tempted to spend every other weekend exploring the UK.
We were exceptionally lucky in that the weekend we picked to go away proved to have the best weather of the past few months. We escaped the rain and saw a bit of sunshine which lifted the spirits nicely. If you haven’t visited North Norfolk you have missed out, its fast becoming a gastronomic capital and has some wonderful places to eat. We stayed at the Red Lion in Stiffkey and sampled the delights of their menu which was really good. We also had to eat at Boys favourite pub The Jolly Sailor in Burnham which serves up white bait, his all time favourite meal.
One of the nicest things you can do is take a trip to see the Grey and Common Seal colony at Blakeney Point, we try to do this at various different times of the year as its wonderful to see them at all their different life stages. The children always really enjoy this trip, as do I and this weekend was no exception. If you are thinking of a weekend away, the seals pup in June so if you go along then there is a chance you’ll see some really cute baby seals.
We also spent quite a long time on the beach at Brancaster and visiting Titchwell Bird Reserve. Luckily for us it was the Wings over Titchwell event there this weekend which meant there were loads of birdwatchers eagerly waiting to identify all the birds for us. I bought the kids some little bug magnifiers and we had loads of fun.
All in all a fantastic getaway weekend in a brilliant car.



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