Sainsbury Mobile: An easy solution

I know I am notorious for my usage of mobile phones. I’ve tweeted my frustrations many a time and I generally fundamentally don’t agree with the concept. I mean, why would you want to be contacted whilst in the toilet/ shopping and so forth? I’m old fashioned I guess and I’ve had to try to step up to the mark and now I do actually embrace my phone. I can see its quite useful to be able to phone the husband up when you cant remember his shoe size or when one of the children is poorly. I also use my phone to tweet a fair bit and take pictures of the kids when I’ve forgotten my camera. All in all, I’ve been sucked into the modern world. Now frustrations revolve around types of phones and their battery life and lack of network coverage.

I’m not sure if Sainsbury Mobile knew all of this before they asked me to test drive their new Mobile network which is a joint venture with Vodaphone. However, I was flattered to be asked and I’ve tested it out as I would use my phone. I was given a Sony Xperia Smartphone which was simple enough to set up, except I couldn’t work out how to put the battery in and I had to seek the assistance of the technically minded husband. Yes, I’m that rubbish with phones. That small thing aside I managed to set the phone up and use it with ease. Its a fairly basic phone but the camera seems a lot better than my iphone which, for me is a major bonus.

Sainsbury Mobile is a competitively priced network with several added bonus’s including double nectar points on shopping and fuel when you sign up to the network. I was slightly concerned that I wouldn’t get network coverage everywhere as I’ve had problems with Vodaphone in the past (not least in my house). I think they must have improved since I last used them because I had no such issues this time. All in all, I have no complaints and could get network coverage everywhere I went.

One of the brilliant things about Sainsbury Mobile is that you can jsut pop into the shop and sort it all out when you are getting your shopping. That includes getting a top up. There is a great range of phones but none of them too expensive so if you are thinking about getting the kids one this might be a good place to look with them.

These are three great value Pay As You Go (PAYG) bundles – perfect for people who use their mobile everyday:

  • £10 Bundle:  200 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of data
  • £15 Bundle:  300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data
  • £20 Bundle:  800 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data
The Nectar points benefits look promising to:
I’d say that if you were on the lookout for a new mobile or were thinking about switching networks its really worth having a look at Sainsbury Mobile. Personally I like their making life easier sentiment especially when it comes to mobile phones which I find a nightmare to make decisions over. You can find out loads more information here: For more information visit  
I really like the phone and found it very useful after discussions with the hubby we think we are going to hold onto it as a spare phone which I can use purely for school related matters. This is because I now use a mobile phone so much for my social media activities and emails. I’m back to work in a way, home phone and work phone! Thank you Sainsbury you have actually made my life much more streamlined and easier.
Disclaimer: I was sent a lovely hamper to test drive the phone. It hasn’t influenced my thoughts, if I thought it was rubbish I would have told you because I’m well aware of the frustrations mobile phones can bring!


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