School Holiday Fun: A trip to the Science Museum to see The Energy Show Live

Having spent a while curating botany at the Natural History Museum, I have a soft spot in my heart for the South Kensington museums. The trouble is though, they are so fiddly to get to with the kids I hardly ever take them there. I save trips for when I have time without kids and can enjoy myself meeting old friends and browsing behind the scenes the various collections my friends curate at each of the museums. My kids know the museums of the City and the West End far better and for that I do feel a bit of a bad mother, i’ve not let them experience all the wonder that London museums can offer.

So, when I heard about The Energy Show live I was determined to make the effort to take them along to the Science Museum on a day out. The Energy Show takes place in the Imax cinema at the Science Museum and makes use of that technology, alongside a proper stage production with real life experiments, loud bangs and everything. It’s aimed at 7 + years and supports Key Stage 2 & 3 of the national science curriculum.

I must admit I totally loved the show. I’m quite a fan of steampunk and the set design and costumes are clearly influenced by it, fantastic I thought, scary my 6 and 4 year old thought. It took a while for them to get into the show, partly because it was like nothing they have seen before; far more edgy that Ben & Holly live. As far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing because I want them to be open minded and experience lots of different things. Once they got over the first loud bang and realised they were totally safe a small smile crept over the 6 year olds face and from that moment onwards I could see that he was thinking that a career in science might well be the best thing ever. Success (I think), he left telling me that when we got home he was going to blow up my kitchen. I’m sure that level of enthusiasm was what they were aiming for. I hope he doesn’t succeed, my kitchen took a lot of saving up for.

There was so much that I liked about the show that its actually really quite hard to tell you about it all without spoiling it for you. I loved the idea that the lead characters were both female, we all loved the flaming methane bubbles. On questioning Fifi (aged 4) enjoyed the soaring hydrogen filled rockets the best. The husband and the 6 year old boy liked the exploding liquid nitrogen and I was impressed by the florescent light which was powered by a plasma ball.

Have a little look here:
I think you can safely say that this was the best ever trip we have taken to the Science Museum and one which we will remember for a long time. That’s quite apart from seeing Stephenson’s Rocket, loads of fantastic space stuff, the Welcome Gallery with its preserved human brains and the 3D family trail. We cant wait to go back, it reminded us that the Science Museum is a fantastic museum with so much for children to explore and experience. You cant help but wonder why everyone queues for hours for the Natural History Museum.

If you want to find out more about The Energy Show or to book tickets check out the website here

Disclaimer: We were given free tickets to the Energy Show but we paid all our other expenses


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