The Bumper Book of Summer: Some Brilliant Ideas

With the last couple of weeks of the school summer holidays upon us my ideas for activities are beginning to wane a little and so I’ve been looking at lots of different books for a little bit of inspiration. We were sent Bumper Book of Summer to have a look at, its been produced by Sainsburys which means its an immediately accessible publication and at just a fiver one that’s well worth popping into your shopping basket. If you don’t have a local Sainsbury you can get hold of one here

I’ve been slowly working my way through some of the 60 ideas, we liked the imaginary play and craft sections best. One of the ideas which I thought was genius was to get the kids to draw around each other and then turn their outlines into monsters. Here are the results (the mind boggles):

One of the things which I thought was absolutely brilliant with the book was the scrapbook, we have used that consistently throughout the holidays and I’m going to get a couple more for the forthcoming weeks. This is one of the best books (and associated extras) I’ve come across in a long time and its an absolute bargain. As you can see above we really have made use of the book and its become quite a valuable little resource.

Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of the book, but this hasn’t influenced my thoughts

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