Toad Spotting

One of our all time favourite places to visit is Titchwell Marsh RSPB Reserve on the North Norfolk coast. It’s a place which holds lots of special memories for myself and the husband as we have returned here time and time again. In fact, since before we were married.

One of the great things about the reserve is that it has a very pushchair friendly walkway which makes it really accessible to everyone. You are also almost guaranteed to see an advocet or two, alongside a marsh harrier and plenty of geese. Once you get fed up with birds you can go onto the most beautiful sandy beach and try spotting a grey seal.


One of my lasting memories is visiting in January and sheltering from the hailstones in a bird hide, I also recall taking baby boy there and showing him how to use binoculars for the first time. The hubby will tell you he remembers his first bacon roll there (they keep him coming back time and time again). If you want a really great place to introduce the kids to the wonders of birdwatching then this is the place for you, especially in winter when there are fewer twitchers moaning about kids!

Titchwell Marsh is also FREE which is one of my bugbears about cultural and natural places. You see, if the kids are having an off day you can just go home and you have lost nothing. No need to force them around because you have spent forty quid and put them off the place and quite probably that sort of day out, forever.

Today my kids had absolutely fantastic time spotting snails and baby toads which were present in their hundreds. In fact, I think I’ve actually managed to teach four year old Fifi how to identify a few different species of snail. Sharing my knowledge and interests gives me so much joy, I really think that its the best thing about parenting. Start ’em young…


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  1. Mums do travel 25th August 2013 / 8:55 am

    This sounds like a great place for a family day out, especially as it's free. Am impressed by your knowledge of snails!

  2. Jen Walshaw 27th August 2013 / 8:52 am

    And we all know of the children are having a good time then we are happy as parents

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