Balanceability courses at First Choice Holiday Village- Fantastic Idea!

3rd September 2013 1 Comment

Rather shockingly according to new research released by First Choice, nearly half (45%) of parents have less than 17 minutes a day to teach their children new skills. Considering I spend a lot of time teaching my children stuff they should be learning at school and making sure that they have plenty of life skills its very eyeopening. Apparently nearly half of the UK’s children are unable to ride a bike by the time they turn 6.  Apparently working longer hours (43%) and completing household chores (44%) are the main barriers stopping parents teaching their kids new skills.

The UK’s leading all inclusive holiday company, First Choice, is teaming up with double Olympic gold medalist Laura Trott and innovative cycling specialists Balanceability, to teach this important life skill to children as young as two and a half. At the exclusive Holiday Village in Majorca First Choice are offering parents the chance to sign their children up for a structured Balanceability course currently being trialled at the First Choice Holiday Village Majorca. This gives kids the chance to progress from the ergonomic Balanceability bikes to independently riding a pedal bike, without stabilisers, in just nine hours flat!
For more information on the Balanceability courses available at First Choice Holiday Village Majorca visit

In order to celebrate this fantastic initiative Fifi was kindly given a balanceability bike. Currently Fifi rides with stabilisers and she is really keen to learn how to ride with two wheels. However she simply doesn’t have the balance and the thought of dealing with the aftermath of several hundred crashes with two other children in tow fills me with dread. That’s where balanceability bikes come into their own.

Fifi has been confidently coming out with me on the balanceability bike instead of using her scooter. Its been really surprising how quickly she has got the hand of going along. I think the key to all of it has been the quality of the bike itself, the balanceability bike is a perfect weight, well built and just like a bike except it doesn’t have pedals and chain. This has made it really easy for me to try to help her and also for a child who likes to look cool on her kit, the bike is a really attractive option to use.

Despite not having the benefits of a course, Fifi is doing really well and I don’t think it will be too long before she’s off on a pedal bike. Little Ned is desperate to join in, he will have to wait till next summer though, by which time I may well have convinced the hubby to splash out on a First Choice holiday where he can learn whilst we relax. It sounds a perfect option to me!

Disclaimer: Fifi was gifted a balanceability bike to try. She loves it, her friends are jealous, Ned wants a go. I wish we could go to Majorca next week instead of school…

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  • Mums do travel 4th September 2013 at 11:17 am

    I've spent hours trying to teach my two (now 15 and 10) to ride bikes, but they absolutely hate it and have never got the hang of it. The youngest is dreading his Year 6 cycling proficiency test at school. I loved riding my bike as a child, so find it hard to understand why they don't enjoy it. If they'd had these balance bikes when they were tiny, maybe it would have helped.

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