Book review: Something Delicious Jill Lewis & Ali Pye

4th September 2013 No Comments

Something Delicious is the first in a planned series starring The Little Somethings, a bunch of cute little creatures that may or may not live in a cave. Somewhere. The Greedy Guzzler is a big monstery looking beast with a HUGE appetite and after scoffing all his food, goes on the lookout for a little something.

The artwork is delightful and there is a rather subtle hidden message in there- don’t judge people on first impressions. This thankfully doesn’t interfere with the book in the slightest; it’s imaginatively written with lovely illustrations. It’s simple enough for our 6 year old to read but enjoyable enough for an adult to read again and again to children.

As an added bonus, at the back of the book there is a recipe for monster biscuits that your kids can help make. I get the impression once the series gets going there’s going to be a lot going on. At the moment, it seems a little bit lonely on its own. It’s all very well having a meet the Little Somethings page but when there’s currently only one story that only really features one of them in any detail, it leaves you wanting more.

Fortunately we’ll only have to wait until the spring for the second book. Until then I can see this one getting quite a few outings.

Disclaimer: we were given this book for free. 

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