Cake Cetera Comes to Us!

The other day I was very fortunate in that I took delivery of a huge box of Cake Cetera cake push pops to try with friends and family. Luckily for us it actually corresponded with a little girl play date so I dished them out to a few four year old girls. I had some left, so I also invited the neighbours over for a quick cup of tea and cake. This went down exceptionally well with the neighbours although I think I have set the standard quite high for cake.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that they we all thought the cakes were absolutely delicious and such a novel idea. The push pops made for quite a talking point which was nice. I have to say there was something really wonderful about handing some very girly little girls some pink cakes which were similar to lollies. They were absolutely delighted and brimming which excitement which was lovely to see. I think cake push pops would make a really fabulous treat for a birthday party and one that is mess free.

Cake Cetera provided the cake for the Scottish Fashion Awards in 2012, that’s how fantastic their ideas and designs are. Almost far too good to eat! I really like the idea of sending someone a cake bouquet and at thirty pounds I think they are exceptionally reasonably priced.

If you like the idea of sending someone some nice cakes or want a Christmas cake which is guaranteed to WOW then make sure you have a look at their website. I’m seriously tempted on the Christmas cakes…


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