Colgate Oral Health Month

With the kids going back to school and lots of new routines developing in the household September is a brilliant time to think about making sure the children look after their teeth properly. Thats why Colgate consider it Oral Health Month and its an initiative which I heartily endorse.

I’m the tooth brushing gestapo in my household and my children’s teeth are doing reasonably well, no fillings, none fallen out so far and very little calculus. Lets hope it stays that way for a while!

The Colgate website is a really handy resource to remember if you are having dental issues  in conjunction with Oral Health Month there is a special question and answer section here.  Without going into detail i’ve been sucked into the website for over an hour and there is loads more information on there I’d like to read. Really quite fascinating stuff.

In order to celebrate Oral Health Month Colgate commissioned a survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 1-10, it showed that nearly one in ten parents reward their children for cleaning their teeth. This statistic was matched by getting ready for school on time and being well behaved at a friend’s house, while one in five give rewards for eating all their dinner and almost two in ten parents reward children for tidying their room.  GUILTY as charged in this household, I decided very early on that I wasn’t the United Nations and that bribery was an acceptable means to an end.

The Colgate survey revealed that almost 1 in 3 parents used incentives varying from chocolate and sweets to more positive and inventive motivational methods, such as creating sticker charts. Its really hard to move away from the sweets as a reward thing especially if like my children yours don’t really feel incentivised by sticker charts. However, I think reading through the website i’m going to have a crack down again on the amount of sugary sweets the kids eat. I did try to make sure they only ate them on a saturday, but this has slipped in recent months. 
Have a little look at the infographic and do take a look at the website. Loads of useful stuff! 
Disclaimer: Colgate sent me through a goody bag with some toothbrushes and toothpaste for the kids.

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