Green Board Games My First UK Money Snap Cards

Over the school holidays I was chatting to Green Board Games (@brainboxgames) on Twitter when they really kindly offered to send the kids something to brighten up their holiday. Having looked at their website I was intrigued and we were delighted to receive their UK Money Snap Cards. These are frankly the most genius game I’ve come across! They are a pack of snap cards with photographs of coins and some cards with amounts on like 2p or Two Pence and so forth. The idea is that the kids try to find similar cards (or amounts) and then shout snap.

I think this game is perfect for KS1 children because this is an age when they are beginning to learn about money and its an essential element in their maths learning. This game encourages them to recognise the coinage but also to start adding up and realising that 20p for example can be represented in lots of different ways.

The children played this game non stop since the got it, little Fifi aged 4 has clearly learnt lots without realising and I think that our 6 year old has really enjoyed the challenge of working out the different total values of things to see if he had a snap. I’d go as far as to say that they definitely have more of an interest in money now and can reasonably confidently add up their (earned) pocket money.

I think this is an essential buy for any KS1 parents and I’m going to be checking out what else I can get hold of on their website as there are some fabulous other games on there with an educational angle. Sometimes things just come along which you didn’t even know existed and this is one of them, i’ve spent a year looking for this sort of thing and thought I’d have to make my own. Just goes to show, thank you @brainboxgames!


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