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4th September 2013 No Comments

Ever since she was tiny Fifi has dressed herself, I’ve encouraged this because I genuinely enjoy seeing what she will choose. When she was two I bought her a couple of dresses in Polarn O Pyret and she has been wearing them ever since. Her absolute favourite is one in a green colour which she now wears as a t-shirt. It is very amusing to see the pictures of her with her dress down to the floor and some from last month where its like a tight t-shirt.  Its the same with this dress above! That’s toddler fashion for you and if you chose to buy kids designer clothes and you get that sort of wear out of them, then you can easily justify the cost!

If you really want to splash out on your little one, I’ve been looking at some brands which until now I didn’t realise even did kids wear. Stella MacCartney has some lovely kids wear for girls, and you can get some fantastic girls Monnalisa dresses and the most gorgeous little coats. I also like Ralph Lauren boys. However, I must admit we hope to acquire these brands as hand me downs and end up shopping either in the supermarkets or from ethical organic brands. People Tree and Frugi are my personal favourite ethical brands and seem to wash up well, are reasonably priced and look super stylish.

Fifi also has a brilliant knack at totally mismatching outfits. She’d quite happily go out wearing woolly tights with a swimsuit on top or a pink fleecy dress and red spotty woolly tights in the height of winter. I think its a fabulous expression of self and one which I heartily endorse

Based on current experience boy fashion is different to girls. Its a nightmare trying to get them to dress in the mornings and when I do the eldest boy usually opts to dress entirely in green. Its something his father does as well so I guess its just an inherent boy thing. However, the other week I did take him to H & M and let him choose his own outfits. It was enlightening, I’m not sure I would have bought him luminous yellow jeans. Makes a change I suppose.

Do your children enjoy dressing themselves in weird and wacky outfits or do they stick to the same clothes for years?

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