Our Tassimo Coffee Party

If there is one brilliant thing about having a coffee machine it’s the fact that you can offer your mates swanky coffee’s, tea and hot chocolates in the comfort of your own home. No need to trek out to the coffee shop, I have my own Costa here!

This month I was challenged to have a coffee morning with friends. Well, actually they wanted me to run a Tassimo Coffee Party! Party, I thought, that’s a bit strong for 11 am. Since very few of my friends have a party bone left in their bodies, or at least they don’t without copious amounts of wine we laboured on forsaking the health drives in favour of huge quantities of chocolate, biscuits, cake and coffee. Ahem.
In reality one of the things I really like to do is to read as much as possible and so I thought it might be nice to ask some of my book group to join me. We had a lovely time snacking on Green and Blacks chocolate, cakes and some chocolate spoons made a change. Particular favourites are the new Caramel Latte’s which are a real treat coupled with this wonderful Raspberry Tea Cake from the Yeo Valley Cookbook which I’ve now made several times!

What are we all reading this month? Jilly Coopers Riders (thumbs down), Kate Mosse Citadel (a slow burner) and the C S Lewis Narnia stories. Next month we will be looking at Philip Pullmans Grimm Tales and Maggie O’ Farrell amongst a couple of others. I cant wait to read the Pullman book in particular. Nice coffee, chocolate and cake made for a great discussion I don’t know what is more of a pleasure, great books or great stuff to consume!
Just a little note to remind you that on the 27th of September Kenco will team up with Macmillam Cancer Support to help stage the Worlds Largest Coffee Morning. It would be great if you could support this amazing charity either by holding your own coffee morning or going along to one.

Disclaimer: I’m part of the Tassimo Blogging Network and they send me lots of lovely flavours to try!


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  1. Danny Smith 24th September 2013 / 4:49 pm

    How does one get onto that network?

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