Review: Vax S3S + Hard Floor Advance + Steam Cleaner

I’m quite a fan of steam mops, since reviewing the Bare Floor Pro I actually use mine a couple of times a week and it has probably saved me hours of scrubbing and mopping. This week Vax brought out an updated model the Hard Floor Advance + which is a much improved version of the Barefloor Pro and they gave me one to test.

The Hard Floor Advance has a number of new features which makes it even easier to clean the floor, for example you can choose which floor type you have to get exactly the right amount of steam and detergent. You also have a handy little button which you can press for those bits of stubborn dirt.

About to begin (then I realised the footplate wasn’t needed as that’s for carpets!)

I thought the assembly was very quick and it was very simple to use. The task of cleaning the kitchen floor which used to take me with the mop and bucket nearly 25 minutes took about 5 minutes. In my opinion that makes the Hard Floor Advance + may for itself in under a month in terms of time saving!

If you are worried about the floor getting too wet you don’t need to with this, I found that it dries really quickly with the steam which means the kids have more or less immediate access to your kitchen or bathroom.

In use, note the cable is long!

Of course, one of the problems with a mop that you need to plug in would potentially be the cable not quite stretching far enough. However, the cable is more than adequate to cover our fairly large kitchen and can stretch along our hallway to the bathroom so I don’t think that’s something to worry about.

If you have babies or little ones crawling about I think using a steam mop is a really excellent idea because it really disinfects the floor properly. According to the information it kills 99.9 % of harmful bacteria for up to 7 days. From experience  small children can spread food around and then eat it again from the floor and little hands can get quite mucky, however a freshly steamed floor can at least remove some of these worries.

Just to be clear you can use this on all sorts of hard surfaces, but there is also an adaptor for the carpets. I found that it wasn’t as good on the carpets as a traditional carpet cleaner as I thought it made them a bit wet, however it did do the job of getting up some fruit juice stains and is easier to store than a carpet cleaner.

All in all I think this is really excellent value for money and I’d recommend one to friends and family, if nothing else but for the time saving. You can find out more here

Disclaimer: I’m part of the Vax Voice blogger team, we are offered the chance to review products and invited to give our honest opinion.


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