We love reading!

A snapshot of our children’s bookshelf

I love reading and there is nothing better than reading with the children if you or they are feeling a bit stressed or upset this always helps. Its a really important part of childhood and I’d love you to take a trip over to the Yeo Valley Blog to see my post about why its so amazing.

Yeo Valley have one of their best ever promotions for book lovers at the moment: The chance to win some HarperCollins children’s books. If there was ever a reason to eat a lot of yogurt its this!

Disclaimer: I’m a Yeo Valley Brand ambassador, I love reading and I love yogurt, its a match made in heaven!

One thought on “We love reading!”

  1. We've just bought Rio a new bookcase for this very reason! As a bookworm, im obsessed to buying him new books, even if that's just scouring the charity shops! I think its such an important part of developing imagination! x

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