Whittard of Chelsea Blogger Competition: Featured Post

Whittard of Chelsea makers of my most favourite mugs and purveyors of delicious hot chocolates and tea are running another fantastic competition for bloggers.

All you need to do is to write a post which features your attempts at making a cake in a mug (using the microwave), you’ll need to write the recipe and also produce an image. Then you send the link over to Whittard, not only will they feature your post but you stand a fab chance of winning a Brampton set which includes a 6 cup teapot, 6 mugs, 6 side plates, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. You’ll find all the details over on the Whittard website. Make sure you have a look as not only is it a fantastic competition it also provides you with a chance to get a bit of exposure and potentially a wider audience for you blog so its a win-win situation! Note that you have until October 11th to submit entries so get going with it as soon as you can.

It’s news to me that you can make a cake in a mug, but you can guess what I am going to be having a go at this week. Apparently its quite a popular thing, there are loads of recipes online. I think I’m going to try this one from BBC Good Food first. If I get really fat you can blame Whittard of Chelsea!

It also strikes me that a cake in a mug is a perfect way to introduce little children to cooking because the results are quite obvious. We have a couple of playmates this week and I think I might task the girls with making their own pudding, I will show you the results later on this week/ next week. Of course, if they look great I’m going to have a go at entering the Whittard competition myself as I’m in dire need of some new china having let the children wash up over the summer holidays…

Disclaimer: I was paid to write this post, however I genuinely think its a fab competition and a lovely idea.


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