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8th October 2013 2 Comments

It all started a few months ago when I realised that I needed to do something as my fat pregnancy clothes were feeling a bit tight, my skin condition (acne rosacea) was at its worst and I had no energy. Well, I still have no energy thanks to Ned and his insistence on being awake at all hours. I must admit this is driving me a bit mad, being with someone 24 hours a day is quite a drain when you are naturally solitary.

I’ve been making small changes to my lifestyle. I haven’t drunk any coffee, I’ve limited any alcohol massively. No sweets, cake as pudding only, I must admit I haven’t really lost much weight. I can get into slightly smaller trousers but it isn’t dramatic. HOWEVER, there has been a massive improvement in my skin, for the first time in ages I can actually leave the house without tons of cover up and it seems to be improving with each day. The moral of this is not to drink coffee.

The one major thing which I have tried to do is to get out and about on my bike. Having a baby on board has taken some getting used to as the weight makes a big difference, but now I feel really confident about cycling most places with him.

It struck me as really ironic yesterday that I had to stop my bike, loaded up with the baby and supplies for our countryside picnic whilst I was cycling in the park on the cycle path. This was for a buggy fit class where about 15 women (not all that fit) run about with buggys containing children. It took ages for them to pass as there were some stragglers. To me, it looked a nightmare, maybe the camaraderie of tripping over each others pushchairs and the herding instinct helps some mums. But I cant understand why you’d subject yourself to this when you can have a much less stressful and more enjoyable time getting fit whilst cycling about.

Now I realise that I’m quite unsociable but I took the above picture whilst out on my bike with Ned. I cant think of a more perfect place or way to get fit and enjoy the countryside. But there are not just the fitness benefits, mentally I feel much calmer and relaxed after a bike ride. I’ve noticed that I do feel proud of my achievements in terms of distance.

This time of year is perfect to get out and about on the bike, it’s not too hot and the countryside is arguably at its best. You can forage for wild foods such as blackberries, rosehips and sloes and you can simply take in the beautiful colours.

The only trouble is my new found cycling enthusiasm has rubbed off on the children. Fifi aged four is now cycling a 16 inch bike without stabilisers like a professional and the boy has me on a quest to find the perfect 20 inch bike for him because he literally can’t keep up with the girls anymore. I also spend large chunks of the day telling little Ned to put his bike helmet back on the peg because we cant spend the entire day cycling about town. I think perhaps we have entered a new phase of our family life!

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  • Humdrum Mum 9th October 2013 at 4:00 pm

    We live opposite a common and Mr H and Elf love scrambling on their bikes. <br /><br />Re your skin. It&#39;s interesting you say that. I know everyone&#39;s different but what worked for me and my oily spotty skin was working in a school for the past 18 months and being outside for an hour every day. That plus oil free moisturiser (Nivea) and Bare Minerals powder. As I say, all different – glad

  • Gilla01 30th October 2013 at 10:14 pm

    The pushchair fitness (or otherwise) class sounds a nightmare. Accidents waiting to happen!

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