Book Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass by Emma Chichester Clark

24th October 2013 No Comments

Emma Chichester Clark creates the most beautifully visual books many of which have pride of place on our bookshelf. One of her books ‘I Love you Blue Kangaroo’ reminds me of a precious time in my children’s lives and I treasure it for those memories.

This version of Alice Through the Looking Glass is a brilliant introduction to the delights of Looking Glass World. The Jabberwocky and The Walrus and the Carpenter poems feature in the book as inserts which is brilliant. We loved reading The Walrus and the Carpenter and its great to find the poems presented in such an easily accessible way.

This is an Alice who small girls can identify with and the illustrations bring the story to life in a modern way whilst leaving plenty of scope for the more far out characters to be accurately represented. Myself and my daughter loved the way Alice was depicted and felt that she was much more real to us than in my old original version of the story.

Have a look at Emma Chichester Clark talking about the book

This is a brilliant book for these cold, wet miserable afternoons when you need a good book to entertain the children whilst you all snuggle on the sofa. You can find our more here.

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