Book Review: Pinocchio by Pinocchio; Michael Morpurgo illustrated by Emma Chichester Clarke

22nd October 2013 No Comments

This is the story of Pinocchio told by the little wooden fella himself (now 130 years old). Told in the first person by master storyteller Michael Morpurgo its a gripping tale which can be read over  a couple of weeks at bedtime or by a young reader (I’d say Year 2 upwards).

In my opinion this is one of those books which every child should own in their personal library. Not only because its a classic character, but also it helps to explore the topics of self and understanding the world really well. As Pinocchio says ‘we are all the same inside…’. A wonderful sentiment and one which I drill into my children.

As far as the story goes I really enjoyed reading it and found myself reading it in advance of reading it aloud to the children. There are some real surprises in the story and its a tale of ups, downs and features some amazing characters.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, who has written and illustrated some of our most favourite picture books and her illustrations bring the story to life admirably. We loved the forest picture.

With Christmas coming up I think this is one to ask for and a few little ones in our family will be getting their own copies. You can find out loads more here.

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