Halloween! Fancy dress, tricks and treats and some spooky tales…

Autumn is finally here, each morning the spiders webs are glistening beautifully with icy dew and it’s the time of year when we get out our warmest coats and think about the forthcoming winter. For our family Halloween marks the end of our Autumn and its one of my favourite times of the year. 
Each year we try to spend Halloween camping, that way the children get to experience the magic of spooky or magical stories by torchlight or campfire. I’d thoroughly recommend this as it’s the last chance in the year for some camping. The nights are not yet bitterly cold and you can manage with a thick sleeping bag, we always have a memorable time. Some years we have camped in the garden at home, other years at our favourite campsite in North Norfolk
The last couple of years in the quiet darkness of our tent we have been reading extracts from Harry Potter, however this year I’m going to read them Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm. You can’t go wrong with a classic fairy-tale. I’m really excited about this because we are going to spend a day of our half term holiday making a Gingerbread House, like in the story, so we can eat it in the dark whilst we worry about witches in the wood!

Nights in a tent at this time of year can be quite long, so you have plenty of time for reading books and I will be taking some other ones with us including Emma Chichester Clark’s new version of Alice Through the Looking Glass. If you want some ideas for books then check out this post which I wrote last month and don’t forget to look out for free HarperCollins books on special Yeo Valley packs. I’m hoping that now the children are older they will use some of these stories as springboards for some campfire storytelling. I just hope their stories aren’t too spooky!
If you would like to read some more about what we are doing please pop over to the Yeo Valley bog where you can find out all about our costumes I do hope you enjoy the blog: https://www.yeovalley.co.uk/2013/10/halloween-fancy-dress-tricks-and-treats-and-some-spooky-tales
Disclaimer: I’m proud to be a Yeo Valley brand ambassador its a lovely family run company with values which I strongly agree with. This post was written for them.

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