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1st October 2013 1 Comment

Sometimes you get asked to review a toy which is actually quite far removed from what you would go out and buy the children. I must admit I Love VIP Pets fitted that category. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t have bought them, I guess they don’t naturally fit my ideas for toys which are educational. However, I have been really surprised with these.

The four year old girl and six year old boy were really excited when they arrived and were really keen to play with them. They got them out of the box and promptly played with them for a good hour or so. In fact there was a party, a mobile hair salon and much role playing to be done. I must admit to being amazed and pleased that they really enjoyed them.

The children are obsessed with getting their own pet, either a dog or a cat and I wonder if these fit the bill in some small way. I did ask them what they liked about VIP pets and it was the fact that they were dogs and they really want a dog. I really enjoyed seeing them play with them.

Clearly these are toys aimed at little girls, but as my son quite likes them I think they would make a reasonable gift for either. The fact that they enabled the children to do lots of role play and also kept them occupied styling and re-styling them was brilliant. However, there are a few frustrating things, the earrings are very fiddly to fit and the glasses don’t come off. Despite this they are well made and robust, well, at least they have survived our household.

I think these are the perfect gift for birthday parties or Christmas. You can collect quite a few of them and I must admit I for one have been really pleasantly surprised! You can find out more at I Love VIP Pets

Disclaimer: We were sent a couple of these for review purposes

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  • Kim Carberry 1st October 2013 at 7:39 pm

    They are very odd looking things but I like the look of them….

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