Its all about the ponies! Playmobil Pony Review

Great detail- a tiny broom and shovel

Everything, I mean everything in little Fifi’s life has some sort of relation to her love of ponies; be it her coat patterned with horses, her jeans patterned with horses, the large rocking horse in my living room, the soft toy horses, the Barbie horses and the my Little Pony Horses. She lives pony’s, I’m not sure she’d eat them though but that’s another matter. For months we have been lusting after Playmobil pony’s and I had them down on the Christmas list. I must admit I had bought the odd one under the radar of the husband just to get started but don’t tell him that.

THEN, Playmobil asked her to review the Childrens Pony Farm. She saw it and we couldn’t open and build it fast enough. Literally, I couldn’t build it fast enough, the pressure I was put under nearly saw my see the edge of a nervous breakdown but I came through. Instead of a fairly immediate review I’ve given this one nearly a month of play, so we can give you a good idea whether its worth getting.

Indoor pony riding (lets hope she doesn’t try that for real at the stables)

Should you buy this for your pony crazed little person for Christmas or birthday? YES. It’s brilliant and contains all the little extras which you cant find in the other sets and enables hours of role play not just around ponies but also around the farm stables. This is the first toy Fifi has ever had which she has gone back to time and time again, virtually every single morning before school she spends a good half an hour role playing.

Even the trees have birds in them

One of the brilliant things about Playmobil is the attention to detail with all the little things and so you get little brooms and shovels and buckets for mucking out the ponies. The ponies have bridles and saddles and the riders have little hats. There are even some dogs in a kennel and so forth. It’s a fabulous toy and a real joy in modelling in itself.

Playmobil represents all that is great with toys, good quality, heirloom style toys which you know will be just as good in twenty, thirty or even forty years time. I cant help myself but to get involved in the play with the children and we do tend to spend quite a while enjoying it and each others company. I don’t think there are many toys which you can genuinely say that about.

I love the fact that we can easily add to this set from the Playmobil Pony range and we have also used some of our other figures within it. For Christmas we are looking at the Paddock with Horses and Pony set and also the SUV with Horse Trailer. Eventually I think Fifi is looking to cover the entire dining table in her playroom with Playmobil Pony stuff, I can’t complain she is certainly getting use out of it, in fact I’m almost tempted to throw all the other toys away!

Disclaimer: We are part of the Playmobil Playologists scheme and we get to try out new products which we can keep.


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  1. Kim Carberry 13th October 2013 / 6:38 pm

    Ohh how fab! I had the Playmobil ponies when I was a child…This looks so much better…hehehe

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