Magnetism for Kids: The Ultimate Guide

One of the things our children have always been fascinated with are magnets, in fact so much so that I have two large magnets stuck to our fridge so they can spend time in the kitchen testing cutlery, tins anything in particular. Magnets are a brilliant way of introducing children to science and to simple scientific concepts.

First are the UK’s number one supplier of magnets and they have created some brilliant resources for children. First an amusing You-tube video about magnetism which my 6 year old thought so amusing he has watched many, many times. Check it out here:

If this gets your child interested, then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can also find loads more information and some free downloads on their website here I thought these were actually really good because you can search the information based on age groups. They aren’t your run of the mill sort of resources you can find on-line and they explain a complicated topic in an easy to understand way, with extra ideas for activities.

Do check out these free resources if you want to get your children interested in magnets and have a look at the shop whilst you are there. If you are like me you’ll be amazed at all the different types of magnets you can get.

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