Review: Nonabox Baby Shower in a Box

Since the baby stage is long gone in our household you’ll have noticed that I don’t really review baby products anymore. However, I think its something that this blog actually needs as a lot of my readership are in the early stages of being a mummy. Therefore I was delighted to hear that my good friend @Culture_Baby was pregnant again and happy to write me some product reviews. Here is her first review which I hope you find useful. If you want to have a look at her brilliant blog all about cultural things for babies you’ll find it here.

There could not have been a more welcome time for me to receive my first Nonabox. I’m in the final stages of what has been a rather rubbish pregnancy – becoming acquainted with doctors across the land as I live out of a suitcase in exile at relatives’ houses, whilst the builders (due to finish an extension at the end of August) seem to be drinking tea and moving dirt around with little other sign of progress. In one of the recent spells back amidst the debris of my former home, perching on the end of the bed munching non-cook food, I unwrapped a parcel to find a beautiful purple box tied with a bow. Nestled amongst the plaster dust, containing goodies for me, this lovely little babyshower in a box could not have been more incongruent or seemingly decadent. It felt like someone had begun to think about the little one in my tummy before I was able to do so myself, and had selected some well designed and useful little items that I could use both now and in the coming months. Not only that, but they had picked out something for me, and for my toddler too. How clever. Each of the contents in the box are well designed. Each feels rather luxurious, and in every box the value of the items far exceeds their subscription cost. There is also something really exciting and fun about the element of surprise. It made the whole experience feel rather special; it really would be an excellent present for a pregnant lady or new mummy.

So what did my Nonabox contain?

For baby:
A carry pack of WaterWipes. The product claims to contain the world’s purest baby wipes. We actually took a pack of these to hospital last time when our first baby was born. Whatever NCT says, when I’m hooked up to a drip and unable to feel my legs, I’m not going to be faffing around sorting out meconium with cotton wool buds and water. These wipes were great and I’ll be using them again.

Two beautifully made pasito a pasito wooden painted baby toys. One is a rattle and the other is apparently a dummy holder. Advocates of the Montessori method talk about the importance of beautiful textures for a baby’s sensory exploration, and that gorgeous-feeling wooden objects are much more stimulating for a baby than plastic equivalents. Sound is also important, as are ranges of temperatures to touch (such as the difference between wood and metal). The rattle is a beautiful little product  which encapsulates a number of these qualities – it is smooth and tactile, with a metal bell for interest and a wooden ring to grab. It also has a clip to attach it to a bag or a baby gym overhead. When my first little lady was a few months old, one of her favourite toys was a wooden hanging ring with a bell. We borrowed it from a friend and consequently returned it. I’m so pleased we received this little item as it has many of the same qualities. The second pasito a pasito item is a dummy holder. We don’t use dummies, but I fully intend to utilise it anyway – in fact I hadn’t realised it was a dummy holder until I read about it! Like the rattle, it is a beautifully made wooden tactile toy. I’ll use it like the rattle – hanging overhead from a baby gym.

A Difrax Dummy. This item is rather funky in design, and much cooler looking than most… but we don’t use dummies. This product claims to satisfy the need to suck and prevents thumb-sucking, whilst leaving the nose clear for easy breathing. Though we won’t use this I will certainly pass it on to another mummy who will make good use of it with her little one.

For me:
Two tubes of Feel Gorgeous Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter. I’ve been using couple of anti-stretch mark oils during this pregnancy and the last. I’ve been told that whether or not you get stretch-marks does very much depend on your type of skin and I’ve been lucky so far not to acquire any (touch wood, and thank you mother for your genes). Who knows whether the products I have used have helped, but none have smelt as fresh and gorgeous as this. I’m smearing it on as we speak…

A bottle of Waterbaby Pregnancy Care Drink
. This is a great idea. I was one of the unlucky 1-2% who suffered hyperemesis during early pregnancy. With thanks to Kate Middleton (no joke at all), this totally horrid condition is increasingly better understood by the general public. No, morning sickness is not just in the morning (mourning perhaps?). No, it isn’t just the odd puke. No, hyperemesis isn’t just puking a bit more etc… etc… For some sufferers, it is really hard even to keep water down, and for me, at times that’s all I could do. This yummy and refreshing citrus flavoured drink contains the daily recommended dose of folic acid and other additional nutrients. For the worst days, when I couldn’t even keep the vitamin supplements down, this would have been really useful. In general it is also really hard to find interesting non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic, healthy drinks to consume during pregnancy. This is genuinely refreshing and yummy.

Two teapigs lemon and ginger teabags. Likewise, this is a refreshing and healthy, caffeine free option for pregnancy or nursing. Some people swear by ginger as a good antidote to nausea, so I imagine this could be a tipple of choice for some in the first trimester. I’m not a massive ginger fan, but I actually rather enjoyed this brew. The teabags contain whole leaves, berries and flowers and are the sort that you’d find in a posh tea shop, rather than my dusty kitchen filled with builder-friendly tea. They felt like a real treat.

A Pebble UK Pedi Wand. Throughout my pregnancies, I swear that the best pressies anyone could offer me have been pregnancy massages. With an active toddler and not great health, they have been genuinely relaxing times just for me, where I’ve felt looked after and pampered. Likewise I love having feet treatments and I look forward to trying this foot file. It may in combo with aforementioned yummy tummy rub cream (though I appreciate I’m not in danger of stretch marks on soles of feet) convince someone to indulge me with a little extra foot massage this week…

For the two year old and baby:

A cloud.b Soothing Sounds Sleep Sheep. This item is the star of the show in this Nonabox. It will be a fun toy for my toddler now, and I hope will be genuinely useful for the new baby down the line. My little lady already has the lavender scented, beautifully soft cloud.b sheep pillow and she loves snuggling up with it for her naps. This innovative soft toy from the same company is a fluffy sheep which contains a control box with four ‘white noise’ sounds. Apparently it is proven that soothing sounds and white noise can help a baby to calm down and sleep, including heartbeats (one of the options the sheep contains). I have heard of desperate parents who have bought or made cds of hoover noises or untuned radios. Look no further, this sheep is much less irritating and much cuter. It can be attached to the outside of a cot, and therefore at a safe distance from a sleeping baby, as well as serving as a cuddly pal for older children. I can well believe this product may work – our baby monitor with soothing music really does help my toddler to get to sleep. Perhaps I’ll try the sheep out on her first…

Overall I’ve been really impressed by the concept and contents of the Nonabox and, given the last package of goodies, I’m very much looking forward to my next installment. And to be honest I’m even keeping the gorgeous boxes for storage…

Nonabox is a subscription service, which aims to support mega brands through to small independent UK companies they have found and love. Brands can’t pay to be included. You can subscribe at for £25 a month (the products are always worth more than this) and follow on twitter @NonaBox_UK or


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