What to do for a children’s party

With nearly seven years of parenting behind me I’ve a fair experience of children’s parties and all their different permutations. In fact, I’d say the best thing to do is to convince your child to have the money instead- I know I shouldn’t really say that. That option does avoid an awful lot of stress though…

If you cant work your magic and your child is absolutely convinced they must have the worlds greatest party then this new little guide from Amazon with contributions from yours truly its full of tips from some brilliant bloggers (myself excepted). You’ll also find lots of direct links to suggested products saving your hours trawling through the site yourself. You cant get much more handy than that!

My biggest tip: Get a shop bought cake and use some ready made icing to customise it. That will save you personal tears of frustration and frankly no-one really cares that much whether you bought it in a supermarket or spent a day slaving over it yourself.


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