Book Review: Jump Up and Join in By Carrie and David Grant Illustrated by Ailie Busby

10th November 2013 No Comments

When we are driving about in the car I try to offer the children a wide range of music and audio books. This series of books by Carrie and David Grant have provided us with some very happy memories because they each come with a CD which has a song about the book some narration and some activities for the kids to do.

I have reviewed some of the other titles but I thought it was worth flagging up the latest ones: Sheep’s Jazzy Jumper and Meerkats Mohican because yet again the kids have thoroughly enjoyed them, especially the nearly two and four year old who practically chant for these CD’s in the car.

Of course, since these are books its worth saying that the stories are great and I personally like the subtle messages contained. Its quite hard to find story books which encourage children to actively do something themselves so thats a big bonus for us. The illustrations to accompany the stories are superb, child friendly and fun.

All in all, these books are a perfect little package, ideal for pre-schoolers and would make a fabulous gift or stocking filler. Find out more about Meerkat’s Mohican here and Sheep’s Jazzy Jumper here.

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