Book Review: Little Robin’s Christmas by Jan Fearnley

Little Robin’s Christmas is one of those wonderful Christmas stories with a message of friendship. It’s exactly the sort of picture book you need for your little preschoolers and junior age children at this sort of year.

The basic idea behind the story is that little robin has seven vests to wear for each day but after helping seven chilly friends he doesn’t have one left for himself. Lucky for little robin it is a very special day of the year and a very special man finds him and helps him out.

You may have read this story before in its previous incarnation as Little Robin Red Vest, it’s a Christmas classic which has sold over 43,000 copies. Jan Fearnley writes and illustrates some of the best children’s books around and this is certainly up there as a Christmas essential. If you want to get your children in the Christmas mood this is essential bedtime reading. You find loads more information here.

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