Book Review: Octonauts Creature Report

My little clan absolutely love Octonauts and its one of the few television programmes which I can bear to watch. The Octonauts Creature Report ties in really well with the series as it looks at each of the different animals whom the Octonauts have adventures with and provides loads of interesting facts.

One of the best things about Octonauts is the way it introduces a variety of creatures to the under six year old age group in such a friendly manner and this book does exactly the same. I must admit we have had a lot of fun reading random facts for example, sea horses are very slow swimmers and there are 64 different types of flying fish.

The book is fun, engaging, colourful and printed on good quality paper. As an added bonus this little book has a load of stickers for the kids to use, Fifi in particular likes books with stickers so its a big thumbs up from her.

If you are looking for a brilliant stocking filler for an Octonauts fan this is the book for you.

Disclaimer: We were sent this book for review purposes

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