Getting Active as a Family with Spogo: Skiing

I’ve written loads about my new found love of cycling and how I’ve really been thrilled to see my children join in with my new enthusiasm. Little Fifi is now a fantastic cyclist on two wheels and it means that as a family we can go out and about on our bikes being active and having mini adventures. Until this point, I’d found it a real challenge to be active with the children as a family, especially with them being quite young and I must admit fitness and generally being active has gone out of the window.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Spogo and asked if I fancied a family day out at the Snozone in Milton Keynes to have a go at Skiing. As it happens, the previous week I had rediscovered my love of ice skating after I went on a mother and son bonding session to our local ice rink in Hemel which is unfortunately probably going to close soon. Therefore I jumped at the opportunity as I’ve always fancied a go on the slopes at Milton Keynes but the chance had never really presented itself. Up until today the only skiing I’ve done was in Austria about 10 years ago when myself and the husband thought we would try a ski holiday, of course, this was before children!
The Snozone is an amazing place where 15000 tones of fresh snow are available for you to ski, board or sledge on. Its also a fab place to burn calories, 1 session can burn over 300! It’s also one of those places which can excite small children into activity and the promise of trying something new at the weekend has been keeping them going this week through some tough days at school. I’m keen to get the boy in particular interested in sport and I thought this might be his sort of thing. 

We were fortunate enough to be given an hours ski tuition, I had the biggest smile on my face because it was wonderful to see my 4 and 6 year old enjoying themselves and learning a new ski. The ski instructor was friendly and patient with the children which was great. I also realised that I could remember quite a lot of what I had done in the past and remembered how liberating and just how much fun it is to be sliding about at  speed. It was brilliant!

After lunch we headed to the slopes for some sledging, the kids love sledging, I was scared. I hate slides and our home sledge is quite fast so I was worried it would be a bit much for me. These days though I’m trying really hard to be open minded and try everything, whats the worst that could happen after all? I’m glad I did because we had so much fun sliding down the slopes, backwards in my case and crashing into each other. It was lovely to see everyone laughing, there hasn’t been a great deal of that recently.
Unfortunately for the hubby (as he will have to find the funding) we are now all keen to go back and try again. In fact, I cant wait. I can think of few things which are more fun for an active family day out.
The whole day was organised for us by Spogo who are a new digital service funded by the National Lottery. The site provides a massive database of sporting and physical activities which you can search. It also has loads of reviews and perhaps best of all through the blogs some fabulous offers which make trying all these sports much cheaper, check out the ski blog here. I also love the fact they have some Spotify playlists from some really famous athletes. I’ve signed up to the site because I’m keen to learn about some more sports and I’d love to sort out a few more days like that for our family. Come this time next year we will hopefully be a much more active and healthier family all around.
If you fancy a great day out, then certainly consider a trip to your local snow centre it was a brilliant unusual way to spend a wet and windy Saturday.

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