Playmobil Advent Calendars 2013

Whats better than a chocolate advent calendar? A Playmobil Advent calendar!

This year I’m being organised over Christmas, I have most of the presents purchased and the wrapping paper. Cards have been ordered. Food is being considered. I’m in the process of making the teachers gifts. I will not be a Christmas misery.

I think its really important to try to build the children int a frenzy over Christmas whilst trying to make sure they understand why we celebrate it. They will be attending the special children’s church service and we will talk to them about why it isn’t important to get loads of presents and to think about other children around the world and what they might be getting (or not getting). We will also hopefully host the church travelling crib for a night.

Advent calendars are an integral part of Christmas but I’m always a little bit skeptical about those ones containing chocolates, especially as we have a sweets on Saturdays (or special occasions) only policy. It just seems wrong to let them have one everyday. Those calendars that reward the child with a picture (usually 1970’s) of a robin or a bauble just don’t seem to cut the mustard either.

Playmobil have come up with the answer and absolutely genius it is too. Last year we had a pirate adventure which we built up and this year I’m looking forward to opening with Fifi the Pony Farm advent calendar which she is really excited about. The boy has the Police calendar which promises him some cool surprises. If you want to see how we get on I shall be tweeting each week about progress.

There are 5 different advent calendars to choose from in the Playmobil range, they all look fantastic and I think they are very reasonably priced considering you get a fantastic good quality toy which you can keep. It’s time to start planning Christmas so make sure you get hold of your calendars in plenty of time before they sell out as last year they were incredibly popular. You can have a little look at the range and purchase one here.

Disclaimer: I’m a Playmobil Playologist. I love Playmobil and so should you!


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